Actor's Accent Toolkit

The Actor's Accent Toolkit is an 8-hour workshop of the foundations of accents with Knight-Thompson Speechwork. This workshop gives you the skills you need to understand accents and how to develop them. Through a tailored blend of discussion, exercises, and context-building, you’ll walk away with the tools you’ll need to adopt any accent. 

Yes, any accent! This introductory workshop builds the strength and flexibility of your muscles of speech while outlining the universal themes that unite all accents. This workshop increases your ability to be clearly understood and develop physical skills to capture any accent with nuance and specificity. And we introduce a more helpful way to approach “Accent Reduction,” getting to the same result without shame or guilt.

This workshop was developed by Tyler Seiple, Master Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, and is alternately taught by Tyler or Siobhan.



    • Friday, July 9th & Saturday July 10th
      1pm - 5pm PDT


    • ONLINE
      Using Zoom (download for free here)


    • $225 for first-time registration; $150 for active ASOOC students

    • $90 for repeat registration

    • A limited number of scholarships are available 

To register for the Actor’s Accent Toolkit, please email

Other opportunities to take the Actor’s Accent Toolkit with KTS Certified Teachers include:

    Saturday, August 14th
    9am - 1pm & 2pm - 6pm PDT

    Taught by KTS Certified Teacher Tyler Seiple

  • PRICE: $225 for first-time registration; $150 for active Stuart Rogers’ Studios members; $90 for repeat registration

Accents & Dialects 8 Week Course

In this eight week course through The Actor's Studio of Orange County, actors will learn the technique of how to authentically, accurately, and creatively learn and embody an accent or dialect. Siobhan guides students through the process of building an accent. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will learn multiple accents, practice applying them to scenework, and will leave with the ability to learn even more.

  • MAY 8th - JUNE 26th
    Saturdays, 3pm - 5pm PDT​


    • ONLINE
      Using Zoom (download for free here)


    • $420

    • See ASOOC for more payment options, including early bird prices

To register for the 8-week Accents & Dialects class, please go to the ASOOC website